Floral Design Video Tutorial - Floral Tattoos

Susan McLeary floral tattoo 4.jpg

I've referred to myself as the self-appointed corsage ambassador and, while I love a good corsage, floral tattoos just may be my newest favorite floral obsession. They are stunning, artful, and fashion-forward. I would be thrilled if they became the future of wearable florals. Floral tattoos can trail down the arm, hand, back and even up around the neck. The possibilities are as far as your design mind will take you.

While the designs are intricate, the process is not as time-intensive as it may appear. My video tutorial outlines the process step-by-step so you can design these beauties yourself. This tutorial really gives you the opportunity and encouragement to play and create. 

Take a peek at my floral tattoo tutorial, and all my course offerings over here.